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 I like meeting new people / getting back in contact with old ones, so don’t hesitate to send me a message. 😀



3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Emily, your mom and I homeschooled together at the Y swim group in Jersey. She hooked me up with your blog. Girl, your songs are amazing. I’d like permission to give them to our worship leader to use in our services. We have a large-ish church–somewhere near 900 members–and our worship is pretty awesome. Your songs would fit in really well. Can you cut a cd? Most of our musicians play be ear, so that would work best. Thanks!

  2. Hey ma’am!
    I was watching home videos with the family the other day, and one was from Christmas awhile ago. I had gotten opened a present, and the I screamed “Yay! Its just like Emily’s!!”
    It was the funniest thing, and I thought I would just let you know(:

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